Meet the Designers

Our Australian designers are talented and creative individuals and we hope their products inspire you and bring much joy and happiness to your home.


DUKES + DUCHESSES - Brisbane Australia 

Meet Beck and Han - sisters-in-law!

Beck, the Lawyer and Hannah the Marketer spent one summer holiday lazing in the sun and drinking tea. Beck had begun to sew for her little boys, and Hannah was a brand new mum wondering how she would tackle the whole corporate world/'being a mum' thing. After one too many teas, and some newly sewn overalls, dukes and duchesses apparel was birthed.

Both mums to 2 kids each, their style originates from what they love for their own kids to wear – practical and durable but with an edge that stands out from the 'same-same' range in the shops. Their transeasonal styles combine classic and timeless with fun and quirky.

Each garment is meticulously hand-sewn in Australia and Bali.

KOA BY KAITLIN - Victoria Australia

A little bit about me…

I believe Design is a form of storytelling.  I would like to share a little glimpse into my story. Taking a step back before Koa was created, I was 21 and in the final weeks of my degree in Industrial Design, sitting around the kitchen table working on my final project when my whole world turned upside down. You never expect someone to go out for a bike ride and never make it home, but that’s exactly what happened to my dad that day. Life can sometimes throw massive pauses which blur months (or years) and catch you completely by surprise. Healing for me was found through travelling, which lead me to the spiritual island of Bali. This is where Koa was created. I get asked all the time how I found the gorgeous artisans I work with in Bali and the truth is they found me.

The very first Koa product designed was the Tea Cup. For me, tea cups are a product that brings wellness and balance. They re-connect you to yourself through quiet ‘me time’ and also have the ability to bring people together. I believe that the products you bring into your life should be more that just an object. I love the way that handmade products start with a story but don’t end there. When you purchase a Koa product they start a whole new story with you.

ANCHOR & ARROW - Sydney Australia

Lorna and Jess, best friends and business partners from Sydney's Northern Beaches.

As our friends started swapping cocktails for cribs, we entered the world of baby showers and struggled to find simple but stylish baby wear that our friends would love and be proud to own.

After scouring multiple websites and popping into stores we decided its got to be easier than this to find stylish baby gifts that are practical as well as affordable.

On this day ANCHOR & ARROW was born.

The focus of our business is on Mum! We wanted to design items that make her feel good without compromising on style. 

So after months of hard work we have launched our signature range of hand designed organic bamboo cotton wraps and gift sets for baby showers and first birthdays.

We hope you love our products as much as we have loved creating them for you.

Lorna & Jess

MAYA MUSE TEXTILES - Sydney Australia

Meet Maya Queenan

After living and working in London as a textile designer for 5 years I returned home with fresh eyes and a renewed love of Sydney. The light, the foliage, the expansive landscapes and a desire for creative freedom inspired me to establish Maya Muse Textiles.

My designs are me and my family. They represent what I love about Australia and more. Every collection is designed with my home (or my dream home) in mind. I design products that I would love to live with and things that make me smile.

Maya Muse Textiles allows me to spend more time with my husband and my beautiful but crazy son and daughter. It also allows me to do what I love and be creative, I am a very lucky lady!